St. Mary's - Spring Hill
Our Lady of Fatima Church
founded 1975

Resident Pastors of this Church

Andrew Bonet C.R. 
1979 - 83 (4 years - transferred)

Francis Dougherty O.C.S.O. 
1984 - 91 (7 years - died in office)

Interregnum 1991 - 1994

James Marolus S.D.B. 
1994 - 95 (11 months - resigned)

Aylwin Francis Kanagaratnam
1995 - 96 (11 months - resigned)

T. Robert Fulham 
(1996 - present)

Father Andrew Bonet C.R. (1978 - 1983)
First Resident Pastor

Father Andrew A. Bonet was born in Mallorca-Balearic Islands, Spain and pursued his studies for the priesthood in that area of the country. In 1923 he professed his religious vows in the Order of Clerics Regular (the Theatine Fathers, an Order founded in 1524 whose main purpose was to be the sanctification of the clergy and laity). Because of the approaching Communist Revolution in Spain, Father Bonet was sent to Rome for the completion of his theological studies and was ordained to the priesthood there on August 14,1932.

For some 17 years following his ordination Father Bonet did priestly work in Italy, including a period of some seven years in which he was the Director of the Theatine Seminary in Rome. In 1949 he was assigned by his Order to work in the United States and, during the ensuing twenty years, served in several parishes in Colorado and Mexico City, Mexico.

In March, 1969 he resigned his position as pastor of a parish in the Diocese of Pueblo, Colorado, (...)  From 1969 until very recently he has been serving as assistant pastor of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Antonito, Colorado.

Much more could be written about Father Andrew Bonet but, at his request, we have tried to keep this biography of him rather brief. Most of his priestly life has been spent among the poor and humble. They, he writes, are the people "he likes the best." Although now 72 years old, he, in his own words, "drives often about 600 miles a day, goes to bed about midnight and gets up at 5:30 every morning for Mass, confessions, etc." Having been urged to retire, he has decided to do so by joining and going to work for our ORCM!

Father Bonet has moved to Florida where be is now the pastor of our ORCM congregation in Spring Hill (Tampa area) and where, if all goes well, a chapel will soon be under construction. He will also serve our ORCM group in the Orlando area of Florida. It is indeed a distinct pleasure to receive Father Andrew Bonet into the ranks of our ORCM priests. May the good Lord grant him many more years of active priestly service to the cause of our God-given Faith!

Source: ORCM  Newsletter,  December 20, 1978, Issue No. 39, p. 1

Father Francis Dougherty O.C.S.O. (1984 - 1991)
Second Resident Pastor

Father Francis Dougherty was born on November 11, 1903 in Flatbush - Brooklyn, N.Y. He was the youngest of eight children (three boys and five girls). His father and two brothers were policemen. Three of his sisters were teachers, and one, Sister Mary de Lourdes, was a Sister of Mercy for 58 years.

Father Francis Dougherty's elementary education consisted of four years with the Christian Brothers, two years in public school, and two years in a parish school which was taught by Sisters of St. Joseph. He attended a Jesuit high school with hopes of becoming a Jesuit. However, at the end of his four years, .the Jesuits told him to forget "books" and do some hard manual work. Therefore after graduating from high school he worked on a farm, then handling freight on the Pennsylvania Railroad, and finally for a mortgage company.

In 1932 he came across a Postulants Guide for the Cistercian Monastery in Oka, Canada. He wrote to the nearest Monastery which was lo­cated in Valley Falls, Rhode Island. The Prior, Rev. John O'Connor, told him to have his teeth fixed and bring a pair of work shoes. On January 3, 1933he went to the office of the Prior with his shoes under his arm and said, "Reverend Father, I had my teeth fixed". The Prior replied, "Sure, you don't need teeth for the food we have here".

After one month he received the habit of a novice - white robe, white scapular and cloth cincture. After two years he made Simple Pro­fession and received a black scapular and leather belt. After another five years he made Solemn Professions.

Bishop Francis Patrick Keough of Providence and later Archbishop of Baltimore ordained him with three other Monks on March 25, 1944.

 In July 1979, with the help of two other monks he was able to obtain one and received a "Celebret" showing that he was a priest in good standing.

On August 5, he went to the state of Florida (...) and his feeling today is best expressed in his own words: "If my peace of heart and the gratitude of people indicate God's Will, then I am doing it."

Source: ORCM Newsletter, December 23, 1979, Issue No. 46, p. 7

1991 - 1994

Period of no resident priests - various visiting priests assisted.

Father James Marolus S.D.B. (1994 - 1995)
Third Resident Pastor

For more than 20 years Brother James Marolus was a member of the Salesian order before being ordained to the priesthood by Bishop Robert McKenna O.P.. Fr. James (as he liked to be called) assisted at several Traditional parishes before coming to Spring Hill. In the short time that Fr. Marolus was with this church he effected a number of changes that certainly improved the features of the church building: additional altar lighting and lighting in the nave. Father did the electrical work himself, a skill acquired as a lay brother with the Salesians. Father was also responsible for the installation of the glass interior doors leading from the nave to the vestibule and the acquisition of the new patronal statue of Our Lady of Fatima. Fr. Marolus offered his resignation after only 11 months of incumbency. 

Father Francis Kanagaratnam (1995 - 1996)
Fourth Resident Pastor

Aylwin Francis Kanagaratnam was born November, 6, 1957 in Kuala Lumpur, Malayasia. He obtained the Lower Certificate of Education in 1972. He completed all of the required studies for priesthood at the International Seminary of St. Pius X, Ecône, Switzerland from October 1983 until March of 1990.. Fr. Kanagaratnam was ordained a priest on the Feast of the Assumption 1991. From October 1995 until November of 1996 he served as pastor of this church.

T. Robert Fulham (1996 - present)
Fifth Resident Pastor


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