St. Mary's - Spring Hill
Our Lady of Fatima Church
founded 1975

History of the renovation of the main church interior

Prior to 1996 the church's furnishings were in the typical style of former O.R.C.M. chapels: functional but unattractive. 

Fortunately with the arrival of an artist-parishioner (and some willing helpers) the artistic features of the church were gradually transformed over a decade or more of labor.

The initial work began with High Altar concluding with the reredos executed on three wooden panels. 

The next task was to decorate the two main side shrines in honor of our Patron - Our Lady of Fatima, and the Sacred Heart. Here twenty twelve inch statues of various blesseds and saints accompany the two larger statues.

Work proceeded with the font and pulpit (acquired for the princely sum of $750 from Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Indianapolis - it cost just slightly more than that to ship !)

The last major project was the Communion rail which (owing to the extensive artwork involved) took several years to complete.

One intrepid (or perhaps distracted soul) ventured to calculate (during Mass) the number of saints depicted in the church, the number is in excess of 100. All are painted to co-ordinate exactly.

Other items of furniture throughout the church (sedilia, statue shrines etc.) are painted to match accordingly. Referencing our pulpit, one wag once observed that the decor was rather "exotic" but given the Anglo-Catholic roots of our current pastor perhaps that wasn't surprising. Indeed the joke was more than apposite since the original inspiration(s) for the color motif: red, green and gold and the styles chosen: ascending statuary and polychrome wooden panels derived their inspiration from two Anglo-Catholic churches with which the current pastor was familiar.

The following examples demonstrate the inspiration:

St. Luke the Evangelist C. of E., Southport (High Altar) St. John the Baptist C. of E., Tuebrook, Liverpool (High Altar)

The High Altar

Detail of High Altar (not showing baldachin)

The Main Side Shrines

Our Lady of Fatima Shrine Sacred Heart Shrine

The Communion Rail

Communion rail Gospel side Communion rail Epistle side

The Pulpit

Pulpit (left side) Pulpit (front) Pulpit (right side)

The Baptismal Font

Side view of Baptismal Font Baptismal Font (cover) Side view of Baptismal Font


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