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Biographies of Parish Priests

First, we are not a "parish" in the canonical sense of the term, thus we have never had "parish priests" or "pastors" strictly speaking. We have, however, had priests who have ministered to the Sacramental needs of the people either in the church building (once it was built) or in rented accommodation prior to its construction - thus in a wider sense we have had "pastors".

Second, not all of the priests who have ministered here, resided in Spring Hill. Those who did reside at this church we term an "incumbent".

Third, we have had periods in our history, when we were attended by various priests on a random basis, which, canonically speaking would have been considered an "interregnum".

Hence, because of this we have seen fit to classify the biographies of those who have ministered here in a chronological order. Perforce only those who were major figures in the history of this church are included here.

List of incumbents with their term of office:

Andrew Bonet C.R. 
1979 - 83 (4 years - transferred)

Francis Dougherty O.C.S.O. 
1984 - 91 (7 years - died in office)

Interregnum 1991 - 1994

James Marolus S.D.B. 
1994 - 95 (11 months - resigned)

Aylwin Francis Kanagaratnam
1995 - 96 (11 months - resigned)

Terence Fulham
1996 - present (17 years)

1975 - 1982

In the early days of the Traditional movement some of the problems now endemic were not present such as "turf wars". Father Clarence Kelly, ordained by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in 1973 worked quite happily with the ORCM movement for a while. Fr. Kelly said Mass for this group in rented accommodation at Father Fenton's behest. After Fr. Fenton met with Archbishop Lefebvre in 1975 at Ecône, Switzerland, in a somewhat acrimonious meeting, (according to a published account of the event by Fenton) the Archbishop forbad all future dealings with the ORCM and the SSPX because of Fenton's political association with the John Birch Society.

Father Clarence Kelly SSPX

Clarence Kelly (born 1941) was ordained a priest on April 14, 1973 at Écône, Switzerland by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre for the Roman Catholic Society of St. Pius X. He became Superior of the Society in the United States. In 1983 Fr. Kelly, along with eight other priests, was dismissed from the Society by Archbishop Lefebvre over a number of issues including refusal to use the liturgy of 1962 and rejection of the inclusion of the name of the Pope in the Canon of the Mass.

Fr. Kelly is the Founder and Spiritual Father of the Congregation of St. Pius V as well as of the Congregation of the Daughters of Mary. In 1984 he founded the Congregation of the Daughters of Mary, Mother of our Savior, whose Motherhouse is located in Round Top, New York. 

Fr. Clarence Kelly was consecrated a bishop on October 19, 1993 at Carlsbad, California, by Most. Rev. Alfredo Mendez Gonzalez, the retired Bishop of Arecibo, Puerto Rico.

Father Francis Fenton

Fr. Fenton studied for the priesthood at the Catholic University in Washington, D.C. where he received his MA degree in Philosophy in 1940 and a STL degree in theology in 1944.  He was ordained to the priesthood on May 18, 1944 in Hartford, CT. (KB)

Fenton became disaffected with the Vatican II reforms of the liturgy being implemented in the U.S. in March, 1970 and and began celebrating the Tridentine Mass in a private home in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. In March, 1972 the group acquired a chapel in Brewster, New York. In Jan, 1973, Fr. Fenton, together with a group of traditional laymen, founded the Orthodox Roman Catholic Movement, Inc. (ORCM), with Fr. Fenton as its first National Director.

Father Robert McKenna O.P.

Robert Fidelis McKenna, O.P., third son of James and Irene McKenna, was born in Danville, Illinois on July 8, 1927 and was raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. After graduating from Aquinas College, he joined the Dominican Order in 1951 and took the religious name Fidelis. In 1958 he was ordained a Roman Catholic priest for the Dominican Order in Washington D.C. by Amleto Cardinal Cicognani.

Refusing to say the Novus Ordo Mass after Vatican II, he took leave of the Order, retaining the Dominican habit and rite for Mass, to join Father Frances Fenton, a priest of the Bridgeport Diocese in Connecticut, in his founding of the Orthodox Roman Catholic Movement (ORCM) and opening of Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel in Monroe, Connecticut

Since 1978, Father McKenna has remained alone at Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel, assisted by the Dominican Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary whom he founded and who teach in the chapel's St. Dominic's Academy.

On August 22, 1986, Fr. McKenna was consecrated a bishop with the traditional Roman Rite in Raveau, France by Bishop Guerard des Lauriers, O.P., himself a Dominican and noted theologian who taught at the Lateran University in Rome and who advised Pope Pius XII on the definition of the dogma of the Assumption in 1950. Bishop Mckenna retired from active ministry in October 2011.

Source: information gleaned from internet retrieved July 26, 2012

Father Daniel Jones

Born January 31, 1942 in Westcliffe. Colorado. Attended grade and high school in Delta, Colorado and, for one year, the Colorado School of Mines [college]. His training for the priesthood included three years at Carroll College in Helena, Montana and four years of theology at the American College in Louvain, Belgium. Was ordained to the priesthood on June 29, 1968 in Delta, Colorado. Father Jones joined the ORCM in 1973.

Source: ORCM  Newsletter, April 29, 1977, Issue No. 27, p. 6

Father Joseph Gorecki

Born on July 1, 1927 in Baltimore, Maryland. Having received his primary and secondary education in Catholic schools (they were Catholic at that time), Father joined the Franciscan Conventual Friars after graduation from high school and completed his novitiate year at Becket, Mass. He then attended Saint Bonaventure University in New York State and received his philosophical training for the priesthood at Saint Joseph Cupertino Seminary in Ellicott City, Maryland.

After taking simple vows in the Franciscan Order, Father left the Franciscans and worked in industry for five years in the Baltimore area. He then resumed his studies at Towson State Teachers College, Maryland, where he received a Master Degree in Education, after which he taught school for three years in the Baltimore public school system.

In 1955 Father Gorecki was incardinated into the Diocese of Bridgeport, Conn. and began his theological studies at Mount Saint Mary's Seminary in Emmitsburg, Maryland. He was ordained to the priesthood on May 23, 1959 in Saint Augustine Cathedral in Bridgeport by Bishop (later Cardinal) Lawrence Shehan. After serving in several parishes in the Bridgeport Diocese, Father was assigned to the Norwich (Conn.) Diocese for two years of parish work there. He then served one year as Chaplain at Saint Vincent Medical Center in Bridgeport, Conn.

After struggling with the "Novus Ordo" for some time, Father Gorecki joined the ORCM on March 4, 1978 (the feast of St. Casimir). The straw that broke the camel’s back in his case was, as he readily admits, the compulsory giving of Communion in the hand. "When I walked into Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel in Monroe, Conn.," said Father Gorecki, "I felt that finally I was back home where I belong. In the ORCM I am back in the right place with the Faith for which I was ordained 19 years ago. "

Source: ORCM  Newsletter, April 14, 1978, Issue No. 34,  p. 1

Father Victor Mroz O.F.M. Conv.

Father Victor Mroz was born on January 29, 1915 and prepared for the priesthood at several seminaries of the Franciscan Conventual Fathers in Poland. During a portion of his seminary years the priest who was his superior and confessor was Blessed Maximilian Kolbe. Fr. Mroz was ordained to the priesthood in Crakow, Poland on July 20, 1941. Following his ordination he served briefly as a parish priest in Kalvaria, Poland and then as master of the major seminary of his order in Lwow, Poland.

  During World War II Father Mroz was a chaplain of the Polish Underground Forces as well as a temporary chaplain in the United States Third Army under General George Patton. In July, 1947 Father Mroz came to this country where, for the following two and a half years, he was engaged both as the editor of a Polish daily paper and as a missionary and retreat master in Wisconsin. In December, 1949 he volunteered for missionary work in Japan and remained in that work in Japan for the next 18 years. From 1967 to 1977 he served as a parish priest in churches of the Friars Minor Conventual, first in Canada and then in the United States. For the past eight years he has also served as chaplain of the Deaconess Hospital in Buffalo, N.Y.

  Some six weeks ago Father Victor Mroz left the Franciscan parish in Buffalo where he had been stationed to join the ORCM. In fact, he informed me very exactly in writing that he took this step on "November 25,1977, al11:00 A. M. ", Because there was a total attendance of approximately 770 people at two ORCM lectures in Buffalo and Rochester, N.Y. in November, 1977, and because Father Mroz resides in Buffalo, our ORCM will have a permanent Mass location in that area. Father Mroz will also be on our ORCM Mass circuit.

Source: ORCM  Newsletter, January 4, 1978, Issue No. 32,  p. 1

Father Andrew Bonet C.R. (1978 - 1983)
First Resident Pastor

Father Andrew A. Bonet was born in Mallorca-Balearic Islands, Spain and pursued his studies for the priesthood in that area of the country. In 1923 he professed his religious vows in the Order of Clerics Regular (the Theatine Fathers, an Order founded in 1524 whose main purpose was to be the sanctification of the clergy and laity). Because of the approaching Communist Revolution in Spain, Father Bonet was sent to Rome for the completion of his theological studies and was ordained to the priesthood there on August 14,1932.

For some 17 years following his ordination Father Bonet did priestly work in Italy, including a period of some seven years in which he was the Director of the Theatine Seminary in Rome. In 1949 he was assigned by his Order to work in the United States and, during the ensuing twenty years, served in several parishes in Colorado and Mexico City, Mexico.

In March, 1969 he resigned his position as pastor of a parish in the Diocese of Pueblo, Colorado, reportedly having been requested to do so because he was "too much conservative." From 1969 until very recently he has been serving as assistant pastor of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Antonito, Colorado.

Much more could be written about Father Andrew Bonet but, at his request, we have tried to keep this biography of him rather brief. Most of his priestly life has been spent among the poor and humble. They, he writes, are the people "he likes the best." Although now 72 years old, he, in his own words, "drives often about 600 miles a day, goes to bed about midnight and gets up at 5:30 every morning for Mass, confessions, etc." Having been urged to retire, he has decided to do so by joining and going to work for our ORCM!

Father Bonet has moved to Florida where be is now the pastor of our ORCM congregation in Spring Hill (Tampa area) and where, if all goes well, a chapel will soon be under construction. He will also serve our ORCM group in the Orlando area of Florida. It is indeed a distinct pleasure to receive Father Andrew Bonet into the ranks of our ORCM priests. May the good Lord grant him many more years of active priestly service to the cause of our God-given Faith!

Source: ORCM  Newsletter,  December 20, 1978, Issue No. 39, p. 1

Explanation of events 1979 - 83

In 1979 disputes arose between the various priests of the ORCM for leadership of the national group and ownership of their headquarters. These disputes continued in court in the state of Connecticut and were eventually resolved in favor of the founding priest Father Francis Fenton. The national disputes were also reflected in a split in the local congregation in Spring Hill. Ownership of this church was determined in Fr. Fenton's favor who in 1983 ceded it to a locally constituted board of directors. Whilst the courts were wrangling over the details of the settlement Fr. Bonet continued to minister at Our Lady of Fatima (until 1983) while Fr. George Musey began attending to the spiritual needs of a smaller group of faithful in rented accommodation beginning in 1982. This smaller group succeeded in establishing claim to the church building and services resumed at Our Lady of Fatima under Fr. Musey who in turn was succeeded as follows:

PART TWO - The Independent / non-aligned Era 
1982 - present

The terms "independent" or "non-aligned" refers to the fact that this church is not formally associated with any of the Traditional Catholic groups such as the Society of St. Pius X. They do not imply adherence to schism by rejection of the Sovereign Pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI. In addition this church has never been a part of the Catholic Diocese of St. Petersburg for reasons which are discussed in great length on our history pages.

Father George Musey (1982 - 1984)

[From his obituary] George J. Musey (September 14, 1928 — March 29, 1992) was a Traditionalist Catholic bishop from Galveston, Texas.

He was ordained a priest on May 22, 1952 by Bishop Wendelin Nold of Galveston. Musey was consecrated to the episcopate on April 1, 1982 in Acapulco, Mexico, by traditionalist bishops Moises Carmona and Adolfo Zamora.

He was a priest who offered Mass in Latin after Vatican II and founded an independent Catholic church in Forest Hill, died yesterday at Saint Joseph Hospital of lung disease. He was 63.

Bishop Musey rejected the teachings of the Second Vatican Council that modernized the Roman Catholic Church in the mid-1960s. He traveled around the country offering the traditional Tridentine Mass in Latin. Forest Hill became his base in 1987, when he purchased a church and school on 6.5 acres from a fundamentalist Protestant.

A native of Galveston, Bishop Musey graduated from Kirwin High School and then attended St. Mary's Seminary in La Porte. He was ordained in 1952 and was stationed at churches throughout the Houston Diocese.

While recuperating from a series of heart attacks in the mid-1960s, he retired as a diocesan priest. After the church adopted the Vatican II reforms, Bishop Musey was invited to administer the Latin Mass to traditional groups from Florida to Oklahoma.

In the early and mid-1980s, he offered Mass in hotels and funeral homes in the Dallas area until he bought the Otwell property.

For the last two years, Bishop Musey has been bedridden and hooked to a breathing ventilator, either at Saint Joseph Hospital or at Lake Lodge Care Center in Lake Worth, and he died yesterday at Saint Joseph Hospital of lung disease. He was 63. He was buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery in Dickinson.

By Hollace Weiner, Fort Worth Star - Telegram March 30, 1992, Section A, p. 17

Father Francis Dougherty O.C.S.O. (1984 - 1991)
Second Resident Pastor

Father Francis Dougherty was born on November 11, 1903 in Flatbush - Brooklyn, N.Y. He was the youngest of eight children (three boys and five girls). His father and two brothers were policemen. Three of his sisters were teachers, and one, Sister Mary de Lourdes, was a Sister of Mercy for 58 years.

Father Francis Dougherty's elementary education consisted of four years with the Christian Brothers, two years in public school, and two years in a parish school which was taught by Sisters of St. Joseph. He attended a Jesuit high school with hopes of becoming a Jesuit. However, at the end of his four years, .the Jesuits told him to forget "books" and do some hard manual work. Therefore after graduating from high school he worked on a farm, then handling freight on the Pennsylvania Railroad, and finally for a mortgage company.

In 1932 he came across a Postulants Guide for the Cistercian Monastery in Oka, Canada. He wrote to the nearest Monastery which was lo­cated in Valley Falls, Rhode Island. The Prior, Rev. John O'Connor, told him to have his teeth fixed and bring a pair of work shoes. On January 3, 1933he went to the office of the Prior with his shoes under his arm and said, "Reverend Father, I had my teeth fixed". The Prior replied, "Sure, you don't need teeth for the food we have here".

After one month he received the habit of a novice - white robe, white scapular and cloth cincture. After two years he made Simple Pro­fession and received a black scapular and leather belt. After another five years he made Solemn Professions.

Bishop Francis Patrick Keough of Providence and later Archbishop of Baltimore ordained him with three other Monks on March 25, 1944.

He conce1ebrated the Novus Ordo Mass with his community for approximately one year before he became aware that there was something very wrong with the new liturgy and voiced his con­cerns. His Abbot respecting his conscience, excused him from conce1ebrating, but required him to be present at the Community Novus Ordo Mass. That he considered to be his greatest penance and source of danger, for he feared that he would lose his Faith. In December of 1978 he asked for a "leave" but it was re­fused by the Abbot. In July 1979, with the help of two other monks he was able to obtain one and received a "Celebret" showing that he was a priest in good standing.

On August 5, he went to the state of Florida where he is currently celebrating the true Mass, and his feeling today is best expressed in his own words: "If my peace of heart and the gratitude of people indicate God's Will, then I am doing it."

Source: ORCM Newsletter, December 23, 1979, Issue No. 46, p. 7

Father Timothy Hennebery (1991 - 1992)

[From his obituary] Peacefully, without a word of complaint, Bishop Timothy E. Hennebery has passed this veil of tears, and received the final rest from the labours of a well spent life on Monday, the 4th of June, 2012, after a long and courageous battle with both heart disease and cancer at the young age of 66 in Miami, Florida. 

Born in Spencer, Massachusetts on May 6, 1946, ordained a Roman Catholic Priest on the 17th of October, 1990, and consecrated a Bishop on the 28th of August, 1994, he is most lovingly remembered for his years of unwavering dedication and unselfish service as the founder and pastor of both Our Lady of Sorrows Traditional Catholic Church, and the Oratory of Saint Augustine in Miami, Florida.  

The good works of Bishop Hennebery will be continued by the Reverend Father William H. Greene, OSA, who has worked tirelessly alongside him for close to 20 years. 

The earthly remains of Bishop Hennebery will be waked at Our Lady of Sorrows Church, 4801 West Flagler Street, Miami Florida 33134 beginning Tuesday the 12th of June, 2012 from 6:00 pm until a Solemn High Requiem Mass will be offered at 9:00 am on Wednesday the 13th of June, 2012 in the traditional rite. Interment will follow at Woodlawn Park Cemetery, 3260 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL.

Published in Miami Herald on June 10, 2012

Father  William Greene (1992 - 1993)

Fr. Timothy Hennebery had been appointed to assist Fr. Dougherty in the last year of his life. Fr. Francis had been in declining health for some time. Bishop John Hesson, under whose spiritual oversight the parish dwelt had arranged for Fr. Hennebery to make this weekly journey. This trip involved a high degree of sacrifice since Fr. Henneberry had first to attend to the spiritual duties in his own church in Miami before flying to Tampa, renting a car and then driving to Spring Hill.

In 1992, Fr. William Greene who had spent some of his training with the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen (C.M.R.I.) and had been ordained a priest by Bishop Hesson to assist with the running of Our Lady of Sorrows in Miami, took over the duties of the Spring Hill "Mission".

After the priests of the Oratory of St. Augustine ceased their association with Bishop Hesson in virtue of Fr. Hennebery's upcoming consecration to the episcopacy, so their ministrations to this church also ended as the board of this church chose to continue its relationship with Bishop Hesson.

1993 - 1994

Period of no permanent or resident priests - various visiting priests assisted.

Father James Marolus S.D.B. (1994 - 1995)
Third Resident Pastor

For more than 20 years Brother James Marolus was a member of the Salesian order before being ordained to the priesthood by Bishop Robert McKenna O.P.. Fr. James (as he liked to be called) assisted at several Traditional parishes before coming to Spring Hill. For a while he worked in Sacred Heart Church in Fort Worth, Texas, and latterly with Fr. Andrew Bonet (our first pastor) before accepting assignment to Our Lady of Fatima during the period of spiritual tutelage of Bishop Hesson.

In the short time that Fr. Marolus was with this church he effected a number of changes that certainly improved the features of the church building: additional altar lighting and lighting in the nave. Father did the electrical work himself, a skill acquired as a lay brother with the Salesians. Father was also responsible for the installation of the glass interior doors leading from the nave to the vestibule and the acquisition of the new patronal statue of Our Lady of Fatima. 

One scheme that in the long term that has proved a blessing but initially provoked some disquiet was the interior repainting from light blue to off-white. Following internal pressures within the congregation and a dispute among the clergy over management of the church Fr. Marolus offered his resignation after only 11 months of incumbency. 

The turmoil caused by the clerical disputes inexorably led to Bishop Hesson's disaffection from the church and another period of uncertainty for the Sacramental future looked likely. The lay co-ordinator Joseph Mullane consulted a religious Sister who maintained Bishop Musey's church in Fort Worth who established contact with this church, its next bishop Peter Hillebrand and the next pastor...

Father Francis Kanagaratnam (1995 - 1996)
Fourth Resident Pastor

Aylwin Francis Kanagaratnam was born November, 6, 1957 in Kuala Lumpur, Malayasia. He obtained the Lower Certificate of Education in 1972. He completed all of the required studies for priesthood at the International Seminary of St. Pius X, Ecône, Switzerland from October 1983 until March of 1990 but left the Society of St. Pius X without receiving any of the major orders. A letter in French and English written and signed by Bishop Bernard Tissier de Mallerais to this effect exists in the archives of this church.

Fr. Kanagaratnam received the first two major orders from Bishop Roger Kozik and the priesthood from Bishop Philippe Miguet on the Feast of the Assumption 1991. From March 1993 to December of the same year year he worked in close contact with the Bishop Jean Laborie group before separating from them in December supplying for one or other vagus priest until he returned to Malaysia in February of 1995 at which point he contacted Bishop Hillebrand. 

By October of 1995 plans were in full swing to bring Fr. Kanagaratnam to the United  States. After an initial settling in period there were some flashpoints of disagreement. A distasteful advertisement in a local newspaper that implied an apparent racial slur seemed to provide an impetus for Fr. Kanagaratnam to publicly speak in terms of his own resignation from the church in October and again in  early November. Finally offering his resignation to Bishop Peter Hillebrand, his departure was accepted.

Father Terence Fulham (1996 - present)
Fifth Resident Pastor

Terence Fulham, was born on November 1 1967, in Liverpool England. He attended the Church of England Holy Trinity Primary School, Formby, Farnborough Road School, Southport, England and Birkdale High School for Boys. His final high school years (the American equivalent of grades 11 and 12) were completed at King George V Sixth Form College, Southport, England.

Father Fulham attended the University of Liverpool, in England, from which he graduated after a four year course with a Joint Honors Bachelor’s degree in French and Spanish in 1990.

Anglican and Catholic

At age 16 he was baptized an Anglican in the Lady Chapel of St James, Birkdale, Southport on September 30, 1984 by the Reverend D. Donald Roberts and confirmed (as an Anglican) the following year, May 7, 1985, by Bishop Michael Henshall the Bishop of Warrington, Suffragan to the Anglican Diocese of Liverpool at St. John's Parish Church, Birkdale, Southport.. 

Terence Fulham was conditionally baptized August 26th, 1989 by Father André Lemieux one of the priests of the Society of St Pius X at the original chapel of Ss. Peter and Paul on Edge Lane in Liverpool. The following year (January 11th) he received the Sacrament of Confirmation in the Traditional Roman Rite from Bishop Bernard Fellay, the current Superior General of the Society at Our Lady of Victories in Preston, Lancashire.

Upon completion of his university studies, Fulham entered the St. Pius X seminary in October 1990 to pursue a vocation to the traditional Catholic priesthood where he received the clerical tonsure and the four minor orders from Bishop Richard Williamson.

In his fourth year of formation Fulham entered the seminary of the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen where he completed his studies for the priesthood under the tutelage of the seminary rector Bishop Mark Pivarunas from whom he received the subdeaconate in 1995. Father was ordained to the deaconate in June 1995 by Bishop Pivarunas and was assigned to the large Traditional parish of Mount St Michael in Spokane Washington State. There at the former Jesuit scholasticate for the province of Oregon, he entered upon a six month period of pastoral training, which included teaching high school, sick calls and preaching. 

On February 2 1996 Terence Fulham was ordained to the Priesthood by Bishop Pivarunas and was later named assistant Pastor of Mount St Michael - a function which he exercised until July of the same year.

In the summer of 1996, during an interview with Bishop Peter Hillebrand, Father Fulham was invited to become Pastor of Our Lady of Fatima in Spring Hill. At the time Bishop Hillebrand was the president of this church's board of directors. The interview was held in Spokane, Washington, at another Traditional Church affiliated with Bishop Hillebrand.

After the meeting and invitation, Father Fulham spent a period of private reflection before accepting the invitation and agreeing to assume this responsibility on August 23, 1996. In the Fall of 1996, on the feast of St. Cecilia (November 22nd), he arrived in Florida to take up his duties. He continues in that position to the present day and has been the longest serving pastor since the church's inception in 1975.

Since taking up residence in Spring Hill in 1996, Father Fulham has administered the Sacraments regularly in Tallahassee, (the Florida State Capital) from 1998 to 2005 and in Jacksonville, from 2000 to 2005 as well as conducted funerals and other rites in Tampa, Orlando, Panama City, Eustis, Ormond Beach, Glen Cove Springs. He was visiting chaplain for 3 months at St. Filumena Church in Eustis, Florida in 1996 and in Corpus Christi, Texas for 3 months in 1998 until an accident to his left ankle required recuperation following emergency reconstructive surgery. He has performed also misnistered in the State of Minnesota for a Traditional Catholic group in addition to those regularly scheduled in his missions in Florida.

He has many contacts within the Traditional Catholic movement and is personally familiar with many of the Traditional groups here in the United States which enables him to relate to the laity who assist at the Sacraments across a widely diverse spectrum of theological opinion and liturgical practice.  He knows or has known many of the leading figures of the Traditional movement during the last 40 years.

Today he confines his ministry exclusively to the church in Spring Hill and has assisted in other chapels at the request of resident clergy in need of replacement for vacation etc.

Language Skills

He is fluent in English, French and Spanish, has studied German and has a working knowledge of Italian and of course in Latin which he studied for 3 years in High School and was required to teach remedial Latin to students in the seminary 1990 - 1992.

Teaching Skills

Fulham has also taught English as a Foreign Language as an employee of the French State Public School system, in a French Technical or vocational high school at Lycée Louis-Armand in Nogent-sur-Marne, just outside Paris for a year 1988-89.

As a seminarian he taught two Summer catechism camps held under the auspices of the Society of St. Pius X in 1991 and 1992 at Horsham St. Faith not far from the Shrine of Walsingham in Norfolk, England.

He taught Spanish and English in a small French religious Grade School at Mézin in Southern France for 1 semester in 1994

He taught Religion at Sophmore level in High School at St. Michael's Academy in Spokane, Washington, 1995 - 1996.

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