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Healing in Capernaum (prefigurement of the Resurrection) - 10/08/17
Two Sources referenced:

1: Address (in London U.K.) of Archbishop J. Augustine Di Noia O.P on the proximate release of the Ordinariate Missal. in 2015 PDF here

This was a prepared text delivered with commentary provided ad libitum. Unfortunately the commentary was not provided when the prepared text appeared.
One paragraph in particular had 2 significant additions which were not in the printed copy.
I transcribe them here for completeness since I paraphrased them in today's sermon and the the additions (in green) are from the audio version here.

"The institutional importance of Divine Worship for the Ordinariates is considerable. More than simply giving the Ordinariates 
an outward distinctiveness that creates a profile for their parishes in the vast sea of Catholic parochial life, 
Divine Worship
gives voice to the faith and tradition of prayer that has nourished the Catholic identity of the Anglican tradition. 
Which, as Cardinal Ratzinger said, really never departed from it, it was always there, even in the situation of disunion. 
This is a mystery, of course, of God's grace preserving the Church even in times of separation in the substance of the Faith.
There is much in this tradition that remains to be recovered: the zeal for sacred beauty, parochial experience of the Divine Office, 
a robust devotional life, a developed biblical piety, the vast treasure of sacred music. 
All of the theologians, the "Divines" the Anglican Divines, all of this is now to be "re-mined", mined again, 
in the situation of reconciled unity. So the liturgy is just one element, although hugely important, 
but there are a lot of other elements of the Patrimony that need now to be excavated, 
(if I may put it that way) and expressed.

Antiphon 19.2 (2015) p.114 "Divine Worship and the Liturgical Vitality of the Church", Archbishop J. Augustine Di Noia, O.P.

2. Text of Austin Farrer's meditation from the Crown of the Year with which I close the sermon can be read here

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