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Welcome to Our Website !

Since 1975 we are the 
first, original, purpose-built and continuous
home of the Traditional Latin Mass 
in the Tampa Bay area in Florida. 

Tired of constant change ? 
Looking for a refuge ? 
We look forward to seeing you ! 

Liturgical Rite
Holy Mass is offered according 
to the  rubrics of the Tridentine Missal.

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Please consider making a donation 
to help our apostolate.



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  What is meant by the "ministerial intention" 
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Brother Petroc's Return Sermon Series 
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Before traveling…. Security Measures (since 2/17/16)
Last minute changes are always unforeseen. Thus, even though several weeks are shown in the schedule in each week’s bulletin. Please do NOT rely on the accuracy several weeks out from a given date. Changes are frequently made. Before traveling long distances, or if you have been away for a while check the latest weekly schedule (it changes every week) and in case of doubt – always please free to email to verify the times the day before just to make sure. For  your protection, all doors are locked during services. The surest way to assure our safety is to prevent access to would-be trouble makers who typically enter churches during worship time. That means you need to arrive before a service begins in order to get in. The priest himself will probably close the doors before services that begin during a weekday Mass. If you need to leave for some reason the door can be opened from the inside using the crash handle – please lock the door behind you.


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