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We recently had a sewage drain field failure. A new drain field will have to be dug to replace the failed one. The project is under contract. 

Soil tests and county permits are in the process of being obtained before work can proceed. The cost for the drain field installation will be $2,700. 

The figure quoted above doesn’t cover the cost of re-sodding the area that will have to be dug up. A couple of pallets of sod average around $300 – $500. 

We would greatly appreciate any financial assistance to cover this unexpected expense.

If you derive any benefit from these pages, please helps us, as our extended parish family members to reach our goal !


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The "Fine Print" - which you really should check...

Before traveling….

"Mass Intentions

Last minute changes are always unforeseen. Thus, even though several weeks are shown in the schedule in each week’s bulletin. Please do NOT rely on the accuracy several weeks out from a given date. Changes are frequently made. Before traveling long distances, or if you have been away for a while check the latest weekly schedule (it changes every week) and in case of doubt – always please free to email to verify the times the day before just to make sure. We offer Masses for intentions in the order we receive them. Additionally if you are a registered parishioner there is no suggested offering for a Mass. Sometimes people ask for specific dates and we are happy to accommodate where possible but that always depends upon the availability – thus if someone else has asked for the same date first, we have to maintain a "first come – first served basis" in order to be fair to all. We thank you for your understanding ! Additionally please note we are only able to offer Masses for intentions submitted by registered parishioners

Weekday Mass

Security Measures (since 2/17/16)

"So many as intend to be partakers of the holy Communion shall signify their names to the Curate, at least some time the day before." Please let us know (by email) if you are coming at least the day before a weekday Mass as it sometimes happens no-one is present. If no-one indicates they will attend Mass on a given weekday (as per the schedule) Mass will be celebrated privately. This is in order to the reduce the expense of turning on the air conditioning in the Florida Summer and the heating system in the Winter and avoid having an empty church and 4 units running. Florida is a State of temperature extremes and electric bills are always on the rise ! We thank you for your understanding ! For  your protection, all doors are locked during services. The surest way to assure our safety is to prevent access to would-be trouble makers who typically enter churches during worship time. That means you need to arrive before a service begins in order to get in. The priest himself will probably close the doors before services that begin during a weekday Mass. If you need to leave for some reason the door can be opened from the inside using the crash handle – please lock the door behind you.


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